“…How Awesome Turkish Food Is”

“Although I grew up in a place (Dortmund, Germany) with lot of Turkish people, I never realized how awesome Turkish food is.” Meike+Eckhard, Germany   “I learned a lot from your instruction and I look forward to using your recipes when I return to the US. See you on my next trip to Istanbul” Patrick,…

“Best Cooking In Istanbul”


“Thank you for cooking with us. We ve come to love Turkish cuisine after tonight.” Linda, Switzerland

“So much fun. Thanks.” Claudia, Switzerland

“There’s no more Humus left? :(” Antje, Switzerland

“Best cooking in Istanbul” Annina, Switzerland

“Tesekkur eredim. Grossartig” Nicole, Switzerland


“Most entertaining and delicious cooking course. Thanks.” Andi, Switzerland

“Great Fun”


“What a wonderful day and such great food. Thank you very much.” Debbie&Pete Carey, USA

“Thank you for this great day. I learned so much about Turkish food and really enjoyed it.” Lisa, China

” We had great fun, thank you very much.” Ben&Sarah, UK