Pınar Aksu Genlik

I graduated Culinary Arts Academy of Istanbul pastry & bakery international program. The Pastry & Bakery program covers all essential techniques required for the pastry & bakery production. It’s an in-depth training on several subjects such as artisanal bread-making, hand made chocolate and a la carte desserts.After graduation I worked at the kitchens of many famous places like Kitchenette and Grand Hyatt Istanbul Hotel. I settled my studio at Galatasaray for 2 years between 2007 and 2009 and I especially worked on butique pastry. While I was cooking pastries and desserts, I also gave special courses to both childrens and adults. After having my baby I gave a break to my career for a while but stiil cook boutique pastry for special orders.Here our workshops will cover the most delicious Turkish desserts for sweetening our lives


Oğuz Tunçbilek


Begüm Atakan


Pınar Aksu Genlik