Oğuz Tunçbilek

Spending six years in Vienna for my university, I had only one chance to eat real Turkish home meal. I had to learn to cook it on my own. So my story about cooking began. Later, while chained at a desk from 9 to 5, I developed my cooking abilities through different courses, including Basics of Turkish Cooking (Chef’s Academy – 4 Weeks), Food and Beverage Management (Culinary Arts Academy of Istanbul – 10 Weeks) and Modern Interpretations of Classical Turkish Cuisine (Culinary Arts Academy of Istanbul – 5 Weeks). It wasn’t difficult to combine travelling, another passion of me, with cooking. Wherever I travelled, mainly Asian countries, I attended cooking courses and tried to learn the regional cuisines. Soon I came to the idea that I wanted to share my knowledge of my home cuisine and culture. In the end, what is better than meeting other travellers, sharing stories about the journey, cooking and eating together?


Oğuz Tunçbilek


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