“Much More Than We Expected”

“Best afternoon I have spent in Istanbul. Delicious food and great company.” Steph, Australia   “Wonderful experience. I will be back.” Max, Germany   ” Exceptional dinner, cultural experience, teaching. An unforgetable day.” Raymond, USA   ” Thank you so much for this wonderful and delicious afternoon. Much more than we expected.” Yvonne + Tobias,…

” Fantastic Experience”

  “Thank you so much for your time, patience and showing us the best of the Turkish cuisine.” Isis, Holland   “I have had a great time again.” Jolijn, Holland   “I thank you so much for my first lovely day in Istanbul.” Jana, Germany   ” Just keep cooking :)” Laura, Germany   ”…

“What a Way to Spend Christmas in Istanbul”

“Loved the walk, the talk, the tour, the food and the whole afternoon. I definitely recommend it.” Charline, France   “I’m really happy I found you on the internet and had the opportunity to share this experience with my family on the christmas day.” Maud, France   “A wonderful experience to live with my grandchildren,…

“An Amazing Experience”


“Thank you very much for an amazing experience. We enjoyed not only the food but also the company. Obrigado.”

Manuela, Paulo, Rogerio, Wania, Brasil


“We were here and we loved it. Even Vikings from Denmark can learn to cook like a Turk.”

Simon and Jeff, Denmark

“…How Awesome Turkish Food Is”

“Although I grew up in a place (Dortmund, Germany) with lot of Turkish people, I never realized how awesome Turkish food is.” Meike+Eckhard, Germany   “I learned a lot from your instruction and I look forward to using your recipes when I return to the US. See you on my next trip to Istanbul” Patrick,…