Endeavor Global

A beautiful evening with our frineds from Egypt, Colombia, the US, Mexico and Jordan. The international management team of Endeavor Global had a beautiful time full of tasty food, nice wine and great friends.


We wish them all the best and looking forward seeing them again in Istanbul

Vekst (Gothenburg, Sweden)

                          We have hosted Vekst from Sweden, a leading company in Digital Marketing, for a great Turkish cooking workshop in Istanbul Cooking School. What can one expect from a corporate workshop with Swedish guests? Lots of laughing and great food after a lot…

Otis Elevator Systems

  A very fun evening with the international management team of Otis Elevator Systems. As one of the leading companies in their sector, the European team came together in Istanbul Center for a 3 days meeting. And the best thing to let off some steam in between is of course to join a corporate cooking…